Here at reconverTion, we practice a smart re-conversion science to build people-friendly connected places, where we want to live and work.

Wilson LEE - Chairman and co-Founder

When integrated solutions create more value at a lesser price

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Our Goal

At RECONVERTION, we know that the future of urban-living is in our hands. Urban-living is about building people-friendly connected places where we want to live and work. And that's precisely what we strive at doing!


As finance and value creation is the key rule of success, re-converting unused space into smart places is the best way to create value. Tailoring yield, energy saving, and outstanding outcomes are our major focus. RECONVERTION takes action on that! We work on optimizing efforts to obtain the optimum balance between price, service and profit. The result is top-notch: dedicated products that satisfy every user, including the investors!

Smart Solutions

From sourcing to delivering and managing turn-key buildings, we are at best to help. We offer à la carte  partnerships and provide the support of our multi-skilled partners. If you want a NEW solution to an old problem: Get in touch!

We have helped them creating more value.

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